Nachiket Barve 5

Figure 1:

Inspired by the prehistoric plants, dragonflies, spiral mollusks, and other smaller plantlike fossils the collection by Nachiket Barve from Mumbai, India depicted these inspirations through a spring/summer collection showcased in 2013. The collection used an array of pearls, sequins, and beads to give texture to the silhouettes mimicking the unique textures that fossils would present to a paleontologist. Mr. Barve used very soft and neutral tones that are friendly to the summer/spring season that his collection is being released on with the use of tones that a fossil would also be revealed on such as chalk, oatmeal, sandstone, beige, and other nude or grey colors. From the unique crop tops in figure 1 mixed with the unique dresses in both figure 2 and 3, the collection is very contemporary really playing with the trends and not offering classic silhouettes allowing for a unique collection with a unique inspiration behind it. All in all, the collection overall is very elegant, and the fossil inspiration can really be seen through the figures that are offered in this blogged. For example, in Figures 1, 3, and 4 both the mollusks and dragonflies used in the pieces are embroidered in allowing for texture and to really showcase how the quote-on-quote fossil would be revealed in a stone in real life.

 Reference: (2013, November 10). Fossil Fashion. Nevanta.

Nachiket Barve 3

Figure 2:

Nachiket Barve 2

Figure 3:

Nachiket Barve 1

Figure 4:

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